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  • Ain’t Sweating it Anymore!!

    I had some perspiration issues so I sought out the best solution that would alleviate all that and found this is the best at targeting the problem areas! The whole procedure took about a few hours and was pain free! After the procedure just some swelling but overall much less sweating than it used to be and it was totally worth it!! miraDry Patient – Los Gatos, CA

  • Excellent Results

    I’ve had sweating pits for decades and I’ve tried all types of topical and Botox but did not get the results I wanted. Just after one treatment of miraDry, didn’t have any armpit sweats after one week. I still have some swelling but most of it had subsided significantly. I didn’t have to take any pain medication. The procedure was comfortable and didn’t have any pain. I highly recommend miraDry.
    miraDry Patient – Orange County, MD

  • My miraDry Experience

    The procedure is extremely effective. The perspiration has completely stopped. I had soreness and pain for about 2 days. My goal was to stop the under arms from sweating and shirts from staining. I no longer have embarrassing wet spots on my shirts. I would do it all over again and I am very happy.
    miraDry Patient – Phoenix, AZ

  • Who needs to buy deodorant….I Don’t

    “The prepping for the procedure (lidocaine injections) takes longer than the actual treatment. The injections prior to treatment were virtually painless. The treatment is over before you know it and you don’t feel a thing. The swelling and mild bruising after the treatment is more of a nuisance than physical pain. This treatment is definitely worth never having to purchase deodorant, worrying about deodorant marks on my clothes, or sweating and smelling after my regular workouts.”
    miraDry Patient – Lake Success, NY

  • I Am a New Person!

    “I just got miraDry done yesterday and my armpits still hurt from the procedure, yeah, but I just can’t stop going in front of mirror, lifting my arms and see ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! NO SWEAT STAINS. My 15 years of hiding under knit black sweaters and being embarrassed are done. I am absolutely thrilled and can’t wait to wear a nice NOT black little dress!” miraDry Patient Las Vegas, NV

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